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Classroom SSSTS – Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme

Classroom SSSTS – Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme

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Time: 0900 – 1730
Location for the courses: Aldershot GU11 1TQ


CITB (SSSTS) – Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Courses

The 2-day SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) training course is one of the courses that forms part of the CITB Site Safety Plus range of courses.  It is aimed at team leaders, foremen, gangers, first line managers and supervisors with supervisory responsibilities and a need to understand their legal duties.

Also known informally as the ‘Site Supervisor Course’, the training given is aimed to ensure candidates gain a thorough understanding of their legal responsibilities, and as such can better contribute to the instruction, supervision and monitoring of safety on site. Successful candidates will receive a CITB Site Safety Plus certificate, which is issued on completion. This is valid for 5 years. Please note that there is no physical ‘SSSTS Card’, however, you can list your Site Safety Plus certificate qualification when applying for further qualifications. If you have already passed the 2-day CITB SSSTS course and need to renew your CITB certificate, you will be eligible for the 1-day SSSTS refresher, providing your certificate is still in date and valid.

Please note: There is no longer a six-month grace period for expired certificates; if you know that your SSSTS certificate is due to expire, you must undertake and successfully complete an SSSTS Refresher course to remain up-to-date and legal whilst working onsite.

The 1-day SSSTS Refresher course is designed to ensure those in a supervisory capacity are fully up to date with any legal changes, as well as how they affect site operations.

CITB Course Detail

The SSSTS course is an ideal foundation for attaining a basic understanding of health & safety duties and responsibilities for junior management in construction work.

This CITB course includes the following elements:

  • An introduction into health and safety on site, as well as welfare and environmental issues that those in a supervisory role must be aware of. This also includes the legal responsibilities that are relevant to supervisors whilst safely managing a construction site
  • What is expected of site supervisors, including occupational health issues that arise within the construction sector.
  • An understanding of how health and safety law is structured, and how the role of a supervisor links in with the role of a site manager when controlling site safety.
  • Risk assessments – how to carry these out and why method statements are a legal requirement.
  • Fire prevention and control, control of hazardous substances, CDM (Construction Design Management) Regulations, Working at Height, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), manual handling, accidents and first aid.
  • How to carry out site inductions, toolbox talks and method statement briefings.
  • Understanding the need for proactive and reactive monitoring.
  • Full attendance is essential, and candidates will be expected to actively participate. Continual assessment will take place during the course. There is also a multiple-choice assessment at the end of the course.

Having successfully completed the SSSTS course, a natural progression would be to the five-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) course.

Course Delivery

SSSTS courses are delivered nationwide either as open courses or as dedicated courses on customers’ own sites.

Training grants for the SSSTS training course are available to CITB levy payers.

Classroom SSSTS

8-9 July 24 (2 Day) | 0900-1730, 5-6 August 24 (2 Day) | 0900-1730, 5-6 September 24 (2 Day) | 0900-1730, 7-8 October 24 (2 Day) | 0900-1730, 4-5 November 24 (2 Day) | 0900-1730, 2-3 December 24 (2 Day) | 0900-1730


Aldershot GU11 1TQ


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