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IOSH Leading Safely

IOSH Leading Safely

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The IOSH Leading Safely®️ course, accredited by the globally recognised Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), is tailored for business leaders and senior managers. This course equips them with essential health and safety knowledge, emphasising a business-first approach. It ensures that the participants can directly apply their learning to enhance their organization’s safety practices for optimal results.

IOSH, a leading authority in occupational safety and health, has developed this course to uphold high standards in workplace health and safety. The credentials earned from this course are recognized and respected worldwide, making it a valuable addition to any leader’s skillset.

During this 5-hour intensive training, participants gain practical knowledge and actionable solutions. The course aims to empower leaders to implement and maintain health and safety practices that meet and exceed international standards. Additionally, IOSH Leading Safely®️ provides tools for evaluating your organisation’s current health and safety performance, along with skills to continually assess and improve these practices.

This training is more than just a compliance exercise; it’s an opportunity for leaders to make a significant impact on their organization’s safety culture. By completing the IOSH Leading Safely®️ course, business leaders not only demonstrate their commitment to safety but also gain the knowledge to drive meaningful change, ensuring a safer, more responsible workplace.

Why opt for IOSH Leading Safely® for You or Your Team?

Benefits for Employers:

Boost Productivity: By reducing the likelihood of absences due to accidents or injuries, IOSH Leading Safely® can significantly enhance workplace productivity.

Enhance Business Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to health and safety through this course improves your organisation’s professional standing.

Cut Legal Costs: Fewer workplace accidents and injuries lead to a reduction in legal expenses related to such incidents.

Benefits for Learners:

Leadership Enhancement: Gain a heightened awareness of health and safety, crucial for effective leadership.

Master Best Practices: Develop a deep understanding of leading health and safety practices, enabling you to apply them in your workplace.

Evolve Safety Practices: Learn to critically assess and improve your current health and safety practices for a safer working environment.

Who is the IOSH Leading Safely Course®️ suitable for?

The IOSH Leading Safely®️ training course is ideal for senior managers, business leaders and directors. It focuses on the value of strategic health and safety policy together with understanding corporate responsibilities.


When studied through in-house learning, IOSH Leading Safely® is 5 hours long.

Course Programme

IOSH Leading Safely®️ includes 4 units of study:

  • Health and Safety Leadership- Your role and safety and health responsibilities.
  • Getting Health and Safety Right- Guidance on the effective planning and implementation of policies and workplace practice.
  • Incident Management and Recovery- Your responsibilities and the potential penalties for non-compliance with health and safety laws.
  • Personal Commitment- Your commitment to managing targeted plans for improving your organisation’s health and safety performance.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this qualification, candidates will have acquired the expertise to:

  • Understand the critical role of strategic health and safety management in the workplace.
  • Discover methods to seamlessly incorporate health and safety into existing business management systems.
  • Develop a comprehensive awareness of workplace health and safety, aligning with UK legislative standards.
  • Enhance overall business productivity through proficient health and safety management.


Through a mobile app, candidates will access a diagnostic tool to evaluate their current health and safety performance. This tool provides tailored recommendations for actions to enhance health and safety standards significantly. Upon completing the course, candidates commit to a personal action plan aimed at boosting their organization’s safety and health management.

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